All music compositions and related recordings of the production music tracks on the site can be used only after the purchase of one of the following Music Pro Show cards available: Silver (max 10 downloads), Gold (max 20 downloads, Platinum (max 50 downloads), Diamond (max 100 downloads)

The production music tracks downloaded after the Music Pro Show purchase can be used, without any exclusivity, only for the music background of shows/events/competitions of: magicians, illusionists, transformers, jugglers, ventriloquists, circus artists, both professional and amateur, performed live for free or on payment. Any other kind/category of performer/show/event is excluded.

Only in-context use of the music tracks is allowed within video shooting of the live show/event to support the promotion of the show/event. Any other use of the music tracks in synchronization with images is forbidden without a specific license that shall be issued by the Licensee.

The rights granted by the LICENSOR to the LICENSEE do not include public performance rights (including neighbouring rights) due to collecting societies, worldwide (for example SIAE, SCF, PRS, PPL, GEMA, GVL, etc.), for the live performances. These rights are due by the final user or by the organization of the show or the live event. The user shall provide the aforementioned collecting societies of the country where performance will be held with the related cue-sheet list of all the music tracks used during the show. Cue-sheets shall contain all information regarding the data of the right holders of the tracks (title, author, composer, publisher, record label...), according to the specifications and related forms required by the collecting societies in each country.